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Accurate Labels for International Shipments

Our globalized world has made it common for products to cross borders before reaching its final destination. But international shipping means products must clear customs, and mistakes can lead to significant delays at the border. For this reason, it is important that products are consistently labelled with the correct information for the country for which they are headed.

The country of destination gets to specify the information that is essential for customs. Often these requirements include a label with the size and volume of items inside, the monetary value of the items inside, and may require the handling instructions to be printed in multiple languages. Rules are continually changing and updating as more and more countries adopt more streamlined customs systems, and thus it is important to be aware of both new and old systems during these transition periods.

An Enterprise Labeling Solution may help companies handle complex labelling systems, especially for companies with customers in multiple countries. Using an ELS, you can meet requirements easily and ensure that your labelling remains compliant. Reducing mistakes in labelling reduces delays or waste at the border and allows faster and more efficient shipment.

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