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Appreciating Drivers All Year Long

Earlier this month, the supply chain industry celebrated Truck Driver Appreciation Week. The week allows the industry, and consumers across the world, to celebrate and appreciate the valued work of the millions of truck drivers who keep our industry moving. The social media and blog posts from companies throughout many supply chains focused on thanking drivers for their contributions to the supply chain. An entire week to celebrate truck drivers is a wonderful first step, but Routeique is here to remind you why we need to appreciate the truck drivers of the world, all year long. 

Truck drivers are a major labour force within any supply chain, ensuring that products and materials move when and where they are meant to. Without them, the many players within supply chains wouldn't connect, and our products would never reach their final destination. Driving freight vehicles is a difficult job often filled with long hours and nights or even weeks away from home. Because of this, retention of your best truck drivers depends on ensuring they feel appreciated and valued throughout the year, not just one week. Showing appreciation can mean many things, and it looks different for every company. The important thing is ensuring your drivers know that they are valued members of your team and your supply chain. When you appreciate good drivers, you build loyalty and your company is able to retain the best possible drivers. Good drivers mean good deliveries and good deliveries mean happy customers, increased profit, and a more efficient industry. 

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