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Click-and-Collect as a Last Mile Solution

As demand increases, more and more companies are beginning to offer Buy Online, Pickup In Store (BOPIS) or Click and Collect options for their e-commerce customers. For retailers that offer it, around 30% of online orders are fulfilled this way with some major retails experience much higher demand. Customers' demand for this option also spikes during holidays or major sales days such as Black Friday, to ensure they receive the products they want without the hassle of dealing with big crowds. Surveys of customers using Click and Collect options regularly find that reduced wait times as well as saving of the shipping costs relative to home delivery are the main drivers behind the preference of this option.

For companies struggling with increasing delivery costs in e-commerce fulfillment, Click and Collect may be the solution you're looking for. First, when customers come to pick up their products at your location, you avoid shipping costs associated with home delivery. In a sense, your customers fulfill their own last mile. Additionally, surveys have found that many customers will make additional in-store purchases when arriving to pick up BOPIS packages, allowing your business to benefit from these additional sales.

When preparing your business for BOPIS shopping options, you need to ensure your inventory is accurately tracked, and your stores are well stocked. For some companies, this may include creating a 'dark store' or allowing your backroom to operate as a warehouse for home delivery e-commerce orders as well. These moves to better manage your stock will greatly improve the experience for your e-commerce and BOPIS customers, but will also positively impact the experience of in-store customers as well, as it reduces out-of-stock incidents.

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