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Creating Your Optimal Final Mile Program

Creating a final mile program can be a daunting task. Done wrong it can cause major problems for your customers and ultimately your bottom line, however, if done right it can dramatically improve your business operations. Here are 4 quick tips for designing the optimal final mile program.

Diversify your Shipping Options
An optimal final mile program is adaptive and able to handle a variety of unexpected situations. This means that it's important to utilize a variety of shipping modes, such as cars, drones, trucks, bicycles, or even autonomous delivery robots. This means that when one mode fails, you have numerous backups. You can also consider a variety of warehousing options such as a large central warehouse, numerous smaller warehouses, or even ship-from-the-store options.

Integrate Supply Chain Systems
There are so many supply chain systems out there, with very specialized features for all stages of your supply chain. Your final mile likely includes at least a few different systems working together. Make sure these systems play nice together by fully integrating them. When your systems are integrated, data runs more smoothly between them, creating the most efficient final mile.

New Tech is Your Friend
New supply chain technology is coming to us a mile-a-minute, so it can seem hard to keep up. However, adopting this technology in a smart way can give your final mile the advantage it needs to compete. Do some research and identify the most valuable tech to your supply chain and take steps to integrate them into your operations. Consider ways to automate your operations like technology in delivery, demand planning, warehousing, and more. Advanced analytical techniques can also help to improve the efficiency of your operations.

Focus on the Customer
Ultimately, your customers' opinions of your business will determine your success. This means that focusing on your customers and creating a customer-centric operation is the most important aspect of creating a final mile program. Go beyond simply leaving items on the porches or by the doors of your customer, consider implementing 'white-glove' service for your customers to increase their satisfaction with your service. Ultimately, satisfied customers will keep your business growing.

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