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Customer Demands in Last-Mile Delivery

Last-Mile Delivery (or LMD) is the movement of products and parcels from a distribution centre or hub to the final destination, typical the residence or office of the customer. As e-commerce continues to expand, the last-mile becomes vital to providing customers with service that meets their expectations. Customers are no longer willing to wait days or weeks for items to be delivered, and same-day delivery is increasingly desired. Due to these increasing customer needs, LMD companies are seeking more efficient ways to deliver to customers while keeping costs as low as possible. 

Improvements to the warehousing system used by LMD companies increasingly allows for faster delivery within urban centres. Another improvement lies in automated delivery vehicles like drones which allow for delivery to be completed without delays caused by traffic or other issues faced by drivers in vehicles. In many dense urban centres, companies are opting for bicycle or moped delivery systems as they are more agile within busy traffic or tight streets than a truck or large vehicle would be. 

Companies targeting the last-mile are continuing to search for other ways to improve their efficiency to meet customer demands, which in turn increases the customers' expectations. Technological innovations and advancements continue to be an integral part of the last-mile, creating companies which are better suited to manage the growing e-commerce industry. It is clear that customer demands, more than ever before, are shaping the future of the industry and creating customer-focused, rather than business-centred, industry. 

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