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Electric Fleets are More Than Just Green

Electric fleet vehicles are making waves throughout the industry as more and more manufacturers begin to create their own models. It is well known that electric vehicles are the greener and more sustainable alternative to traditional diesel vehicles, reducing fuel usage and carbon emissions which is a major environmental benefit. But electric vehicles have many other benefits that go beyond green initiatives.

They're Quiet

Trucks can make a lot of noise, and for that reason, many areas have banned trucks from driving through or delivering product at night. Electric vehicles are significantly quieter, and could, therefore, operate in off-hours or overnight when other vehicles would be too much of a disruption. In European trials, Volvo has found that allowing deliveries in these off-hours has allowed companies to receive deliveries more frequently, and reduce the inventory they must maintain. This saves them money and reduces wasted inventory, and allows the deliveries to come at times when the business is closed.

They're Efficient

Electric vehicles are incredibly efficient, much more so than their diesel alternatives. Through regenerative breaking, electric vehicles are able to recapture electric power while slowing the vehicle with less use of the brakes. This means the vehicle is able to use that recaptured power to move further, increasing their efficiency. Regenerative braking also helps to reduce the wear on the breaks of the vehicle, reducing maintenance costs.

They Create Jobs

As new technologies are adopted, new jobs will be created to service this technology, and electric vehicles are no exception. The current infrastructure on the roadways of major transportation channels is currently lacking support for electric vehicles. This infrastructure will need to be improved, creating a demand for jobs in electric vehicle production and maintenance, as well as the production and maintenance of charging stations and other necessary components of electric vehicle usage.

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