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European Road Transport

In Europe, the transport of goods via roadways is the most common form of transport within and between countries. In fact, 75% of the total volume of goods moving within Europe is carried by truck. Much of the transport by truck focuses on moving products less than 150kms, or 'last mile' distribution. Road transport is the most efficient way to move goods over short distances, making it the most popular last mile delivery method in Europe. Road transport in Europe is a massive industry. The movement of goods and people throughout Europe accounts for nearly 20% of the European Unions GDP. The industry directly employs about 5 million people across the continent, of which about two-thirds are employed specifically in road freight. Even more jobs exist in the support of road freight, such as warehousing and storage of products, vehicle manufacturing and maintenance, and product manufacturing. The EU is heavily focused on improving the sustainability of business practices, and road transport has taken the initiative to improve the industry's sustainability. In the last several decades, heavy vehicle fuel consumption has been reduced by 36% and toxic emissions have been reduced by 98%. Today's heavy freight vehicles are also 25 times quieter than similar vehicles 20 years ago. Companies within the EU are also investing in alternative fuel sources like electric vehicles or vehicles utilizing biofuels.

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