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Kiara Spotlight

Meet Kiara!

Kiara has been with us since April of this year. She started as our first practicum student from the Administrative Information Management program at SAIT. Now that she is a full-time team member, she continues to find ways to make the team more organized and efficient, which aligns with her favourite thing - organization! "There's something about making people's lives easier with organization that drives me to consider all aspects of an unorganized environment and ruthlessly pursue it until it is efficient and user-friendly." Kiara's skills also include thinking outside the box, creative design, and spreadsheet utilization.

Kiara loves the freedom of being able to work anywhere, anytime. She appreciates working with forward-thinking and like-minded individuals. "I knew I fit right in during my first week!" When she's not at work, Kiara enjoys rock climbing, spending time with her family and friends, and she always has a crafty project on the go! Last month she made a file holder from our Marketing Director's cereal box! "I enjoy making things, it's quite satisfying to see your ideas come to fruition."

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