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Routeique Community Involvement: Canada Learning Code

At Routeique, we love the opportunity to be involved in our community through charity and volunteer work. As individuals and as a team we take the opportunity to volunteer with a number of important causes whenever we can. One cause that is near and dear to our hearts is Canada Learning Code, a program designed to teach Canadians about the exciting world of computer science through fun and interactive workshops on a variety of tech topics.

This weekend, our very own Rio Nicholas hosted a Girls Learning Code workshop through the Canada Learning Code program aimed to teach students basic HTML and CSS skills. The students built their own DIY blogs on a wide range of topics. Several members of the Routeique team volunteered as mentors to help students along through the lessons. This workshop helps to prepare young adults for the ever-changing world of technology and gives them the basic skills to continue developing their technological prowess.

Canada Learning Code has many workshops for kids, girls, young adults, women re-entering the workforce, and more. There are a variety of workshop topics to satisfy any tech interest. To find a workshop near you, or to volunteer as a workshop mentor, check out their website here!

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