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Routeique Spotlight: Jim Boon

Meet Jim!

Jim is our design guru, involved in a variety of tasks throughout Routeique. He works on the website and platform, working on the aesthetic design as well as user experience. He also works on presentation and pitch content, branding for printed materials, and more. Around the office, Jim also puts his variety of talents to work in helping design the office, build furniture, create our video arcade machine, and more. His favorite thing to do at work is to create something new. "I love seeing something I created become the standard, used again and again, it puts a feather in the cap."

Jim loves working at Routeique because of the collaborative environment that the team has. "Everyone works together for the same encompassing goal, to make the product the best it can be." He loves being part of the team, and he enjoys being able to work hard with his coworkers during the week and play hard with them on the weekends. When Jim isn't at work he spends his time at the gym, boxing, watching Netflix, hanging out with friends, or working on a wood-working or welding project.

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