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Routeique Spotlight: Samar Kadri

Meet Samar!

Samar is a member of our Client Services Team, where she helps to liaison between clients and developers. As one of the faces of Routeique, she helps to build a sense of trust through open communication with our clients. But Samar's role is much broader than just working with clients. She is always willing to lend a hand to any team or person who needs some help! Her favorite task at work is working on quality assurance and review of new projects. "It's basically just playing with software, trying to find bugs, it's fun!" says Samar. She also loves the opportunity to review projects to help the team and the company improve the software.

Since joining the Routeique team through our acquisition this summer, Samar has enjoyed meeting new coworkers and working in a mixed team. Her favorite part of working at Routeique is the people. "The people I work with are so supportive, and they're easy to get along with both in and outside of work. There isn't a single person I don't get along with." She also loves that the team has created an environment in which everyone has the opportunity to grow, learn, and improve without any judgment.

When Samar isn't at work, she loves to spend her time shopping or window shopping. She also loves music, including playing the flute and attending concerts. "Music is a huge part of my life!"

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