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Routeique Spotlight: Tien Phan

Meet Tien!

Tien joined the Routeique team in the summer as a member of our development team, but he likes to think of himself as so much more than a developer. Because of the unique way that Routeique handles our projects, Tien has gotten the chance to learn more about account management, quality assurance, code review, and project planning. In fact, the opportunity to take on new roles and learn new tasks is one of Tien's favorite things about working at Routeique. He also loves the fact that every day is unique, and there's lots of variety at Routeique in terms of responsibilities and opportunities. But as much as he enjoys being able to take on multiple roles, Tien's favorite thing to do is still software development. "At the end of the day, developing is home. I enjoy it and it's exciting," says Tien.

When he's not in the office Tien enjoys doing things around the house, like cooking, workouts, or watching Netflix. "I'm trying to save up, so I like to have fun without spending money." His favorite shows to watch on Netflix include Grey's Anatomy, and How To Get Away With Murder. He also enjoys hanging out with his friends and playing badminton.

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