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Routeique's Vehicle Brain

At Routeique, we know that data is king and that having a reliable and consistent source of data helps you to make the best decisions for your company. That's why we built the Vehicle Intelligence Hub, which we lovingly call the Vehicle Brain. The vehicle brain works with the vehicles in your fleet to being your vehicles into the Internet of Things (IoT) and helps to monitor the important details of your fleet. The brain can monitor the temperature inside of the vehicle, the status of vehicle parts such as a reefer or onboard computer, and can even track how the vehicle is being driven to monitor safety. 

Our vehicle brain allows you to have access to all the essential data from your fleet, giving companies the opportunity to better manage their vehicles, drivers, and deliveries. Utilizing IoT technology in your vehicles aids with cold chain compliance, vehicle maintenance and safety, reducing your carbon footprint, and more.  We're continuing to make improvements to our vehicle brain, based on insights we received during beta testing of our first version. 

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