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The Basics of IoT

IoT provides a link between our physical and virtual worlds
IoT allows items in our world - items like cars, machinery, appliances, wearables, and more - to be connected to each other and to the broader internet. It allows data to move between the physical world and the digital world seamlessly. This means more data where we need it most.

There's a skills gap in IoT
IoT technologies are expanding more rapidly than our workforce can keep up with. This means that industries are actively working to recruit IoT talent into their corporations in order to advance operations. Students entering technology pathways in school have increasingly positive career prospects.

Value of IoT lies in the data
Everyone has heard that time is money, but in today's industry, it is more often that data is money. The more data you can utilize the better! IoT allows you to not only harness accurate data but it also allows the data to move more seamlessly between your systems, increasing operational efficiency.

Sometimes this data creates more of a challenge
Having an abundance of data but no one to sort through it or understand can be more of a challenge than an advantage. This means that IoT has its greatest impact on your business when it's paired with a strategy to best utilize this data. Consider building a team capable of managing the most important data you acquire.

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