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The DHL Freight Quotation Tool

DHL is on a mission to become the leader in road freight, and they're hoping their release of the Freight Quotation Tool will help them get there. The new tool, which can be found at can be used by clients and non-clients alike to get instant price quotes and transit time estimates for any shipments up to 2500kgs which are being transported throughout Europe. The tool is now available in 28 countries and can be accessed in any of the 23 home languages from those countries. DHL hopes the tool will help to increase transparency, ease of use, and accessibility for clients wishing to ship their products across the continent.

The Freight Quotation Tool is easy to use. Simply enter the area codes for the origin and destination of the shipment, and information regarding the size, weight, and number of pieces involved in the shipment. At this point, users will receive a price quote and transit time estimate. Customers are then able to enter their contact details to commission the shipment if they choose to, and the request will be sent to the DHL customer service team. The team will then contact the customer to complete the process and ensure the shipment is completed.

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