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What3words is changing how we think about delivery

Many of us in the modern world couldn't imagine living without a standardized street address. We use our address for everything; from registering to vote, to mapping our way home, to sending and receiving packages and mail. But nearly 3/4s of the world's countries do not have a suitable address system or don't have an address system at all. As the world becomes more globalized, people from across the globe are beginning to utilize the internet to purchase and order items for themselves, their families, and their communities. However, without a standardized street address, delivering these items becomes nearly impossible for our typical system.

That's where what3words comes in. They've taken the globe and divided it into 3mx3m squares, and assigned each square a unique 3-word code. That code can be used to identify exactly where a person, building, mailbox, or home may be, making delivery possible without a typical address. The GPS feature of your mobile phone or computer can identify which square you are situated in, and the code of this square can be used for delivering your products or mail. For example, the front door to the Routeique office is located in dropped.fabrics.zigs. My desk is located a few squares over at mavericks.lampshade.uneventful.

what3words has already partnered with several organizations to improve location and delivery services. One notable partnership is with Airbnb, helping to make it easier for guests to locate remote home locations. Another important partnership is with the Nigeria Postal Service, helping to improve delivery of mail throughout the country despite the lack of a typical address system.

The grid system established by what3words is suitable for all types of locations, from densely populated urban centers to remote rural locations and everything in between. Customers in a variety of living situations, in any number of regions, would be able to utilize the 3-word code to designate their location. More partnerships with a wider variety of organizations may allow for what3words to make an incredible impact across the globe, and revolutionize the way we think about delivery.

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