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Yosuke Spotlight

Meet Yosuke!

Yosuke joined the team in May as a software developer. He started off working on the main Routeique platform, fixing bugs on our map feature. Currently, Yosuke is working on updating the DMS app to improve the way we collect GPS data. Yosuke says that "Being introduced to so many new technologies and tools is both daunting, but engaging." The experience of creating a proof of concept, then integrating those ideas into the actual system is an aspect he finds extremely rewarding. When asked what he thought of the environment, he says Routeique feels relaxed, everyone is nice, welcoming, and helpful, especially when he's having trouble. Overall, he thinks Routeique is a good place to work.

In Yosuke's spare time, he watches "an unhealthy amount of movies", reads Japanese comics, and plays games. "When I’m not being a hermit I go out with friends (hiking, walking, eating), and occasionally play golf."

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