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A complete mobile inventory management app for distributors.

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Inventory Management System (IMS)

The IMS app for Android and IOS offers warehouse employees the ability to manage all aspects of inventory management from the palm of their hands. Receive purchase orders and restock products into inventory. Keep track of damaged products with a streamlined claims process. Easily pick and load by sorting by products or order. The IMS app gives you the power of the Admin Console through the convenience of your smart phone. Routeique™ helps manage every aspect of the distribution business, from the moment an order is received to the moment it’s delivered - and beyond.


English, French, or beyond, Routeique™ has your language preferences covered. Accurate and reliable translations make IMS accessible for you and your team – no matter what language you speak.


Life’s too short to stay in one place – that’s why the IMS app allows you to facilitate zone transfers. Whether you’re reorganizing, adding, or taking away storage zones, you can now move products between zones and bins with ease.


Don’t cry over spilt milk – keep damaged items out of inventory by moving them into your Claims zone. Applying reason codes to different claims lets you keep track of your products and makes them easier to find.


Getting your team on the same page doesn’t have to require software or purchasing extra devices. With Routeique™, it’s as simple as downloading an app that we’ve made compatible across all smart devices.


The IMS app allows you to manage and account for all incoming products into your warehouse, verifying that you received everything that you ordered. Receive a quantity that is different from what you expected? Add a reason code to help you track any discrepancies.


Restocking product has never been easier. Once a purchase order has been received, the IMS app can be used to restock product from your receiving zone into one of your storage zones.


Picking products shouldn’t be a hassle. Using the IMS app, you can pick the products required to deliver your orders. Gathering required products into a centralized location makes it more efficient for your warehouse team to prepare for loading.


Keep track of your inventory as products make their way onto trucks before being delivered to your customers. Easily view pending, completed, and shorted products. Ensuring necessary products make it on route is straightforward with IMS.

Now available for download

The IMS is available for download, however it can only work in tandem with the Routeique™ platform.

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