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Have customers place and manage their orders using the Routeique™ customer order portal.

Placing and managing your customer's orders can be a time-consuming process. Mistakes arise when customers relay their requests to your order management team. Avoid errors and save your team time by having your customers place and manage their orders using the Routeique™ customer order portal. 


How it works:

  • visit your B2B online portal 24/7 and place their orders within a few minutes

  • place, edit, manage and cancel orders

  • easily keep track of order status

  • view orders in real-time

Routeique™ gives your customers a secure and personalized customer experience.

Our system is quick and simple to use, making it easy for your customers to adopt, resulting in fewer errors and enhanced customer service.

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Why use a customer order portal?

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All customer orders sync in real-time to the platform. This way, Routeique™ ensures that your team has the most up to date information when needed.

The Routeique Customer Order Portal dashboard on a tablet

When using the Routeique™ customer order portal, your customers always feel in control of their orders. The order portal lets them quickly place and edit their orders, giving flexibility, and streamlined customer experience.

The Routeique New Order window on a tablet.

When your customers can place their own orders, the time saved allows your team can focus on upselling, acquiring new accounts, and additional customer service.

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We don’t limit the number of customers who can place orders through the portal. Your business is growing, and we designed our software to grow with you. 

How our customers use our customer order portal.

Whether you are one of the world's largest food manufacturers and distributors, serving thousands of customers, or a smaller distribution company needing to scale, it's essential to have a seamless system to manage customer orders. 

In tandem with the order portal many enterprises and customers also utilize:

Together, these tools ensure that orders placed through the portal are fulfilled efficiently and accurately.  


Try the customer order portal today!

Message us below, and one of our experts will get your questions answered!

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