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Create Delivery Notices and Securely Capture Signatures from Anywhere

Traditionally, proof of delivery was given using paper delivery notices signed by the recipient. However, with Routeique™, you can leave the paper behind by taking advantage of our electronic proof of delivery software.  Your drivers can capture proof of delivery on their phone or tablet, and is accessible to your admin team through our Digital Control Tower.

See What Routeique™ Can Do For You:

Key on a keyboard relabelled to "paperless environment" with a small bar graph on the top left corner of the key.

Using the Routeique™ platform, you can obtain proof of delivery without using paper! This saves you paper and ink costs and reduces your company's carbon footprint. Win-win!

Secure bank vault door.

With Routeique™, your files are always secure. Easily review and manage documents without having to dig through piles of paper to find them. What you need will always be at your fingertips.

Person holding a tablet typing with their thumbs.

Using the Routeique™ software on a smartphone or tablet your drivers can create, manage, and edit delivery notices from anywhere. Signatures are captured digitally right at the customer's door. Any edits made to the delivery notices are updated in real-time across the platform, so everyone can see the most up-to-date information.

Overhead view of an organized office desk.

With electronic proof of delivery notices, you'll never have to worry about filing or misplacing these documents. Routeique™ organizes and files them securely for you. You can access them whenever they're needed.

Empower Your Drivers With the Delivery Management App

With our Delivery Management System app (an enhanced transportation management system) drivers can:

  • use their phone or tablet to create a delivery notice 
  • send the delivery notice to customers and vendors
  • use their phone or tablet to capture signatures and store stamps 

Get In Touch

Our proof of delivery software, like all our features, can be used in combination with as many Routeique™ features as your business needs.

  • The Customer Order Portal and route optimization features, combined with our proof of delivery system, creates a complete solution for distribution or last-mile-delivery companies. 
  • Our integrations with your existing financial and backend software make it easy to fit the Routeique™ proof of delivery system into your operation. 

To learn how we can help you optimize distribution, contact us below, and one of our experts will get your questions answered!

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