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Manage your list of vendors with ease, from your office or warehouse.

Managing an extensive list of vendors is easy using the Routeique™ vendor management platform. Knowing what vendors you have, and what you get from each, simplifies your supply chain and ensures you can seamlessly manage inventory.


How it works:

  • Easily view your vendors

  • Manage their profiles

  • Keep their information up-to-date

  • See the products available from each vendor

  • Place orders or create standing orders from any vendor on desktop or mobile

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See what Routeique can do for you.

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Our software provides your team with vendor and product information in real-time. When everyone has the correct information, your team can make decisions quickly and effectively.

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To bring a wide range of products to your customers, you need diverse vendors. Routeique™ never limits your vendor numbers, so you can continue to grow your product list.

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Routeique™ allows you to manage your vendor profiles digitally. Save your team time and office space while managing any number of vendor profiles with ease.

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Routeique™ brings you and your vendors closer together, allowing for open communication in both directions. It helps you stay up to date with product orders, delays, or changes to a vendor's policy.

How Our Clients Use Our Vendor Management Tools.

A Canadian food distribution company came to Routeique looking to improve their efficiency. The company delivers a variety of products to a wide range of customers and had several diverse vendors.

Using the Routeique platform:
  • They are now able to view and manage their vendor list from their office or warehouse.

  • Their product information and pricing is up-to-date and accessible, making their warehousing convenient and easy.

  • They also implement many more complementary features in the Routeique™ platform including, inventory management and order management tools.


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Whether you’re planning to upgrade your vendor management processes or streamline your entire supply chain, we’re here to help.

Message us below, and one of our experts will get your questions answered!


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