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Manage your list of vendors with ease, from your office or warehouse.

Managing a large list of vendors is easy using Routeique’s vendor management platform. You can easily view your vendors, manage their profiles, and keep their information up-to-date. You can also view the products available from each vendor. From any Routeique device, including mobile or desktop, you can place orders or create standing orders from any vendor to ensure you always have the products you need when you need them. Knowing what vendors you have, and what you get from each, simplifies your supply chain and ensures that your inventory is always managed. Improving your supply chain and inventory allows you to provide the best service to your customers, minimize their waiting time, and effectively answer any questions they may have.

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Routeique allows you to manage your vendor profiles digitally without any bulky paper. Our software saves your team time and office space and lets you manage any number of vendor profiles with ease.

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Ensure your products are available when you need them.

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A local food distribution company came to Routeique looking to improve their efficiency. They deliver a variety of products to a wide range of customers and thus have a long list of diverse vendors. Using Routeique’s platform, they are now able to view and manage their vendor list with ease from their office or warehouse. Product information and pricing is up-to-date and accessible, making their warehousing convenient and easy. They also chose to utilize some of Routeique’s other features like inventory management and our order management portal. Our vendor management platform, like all our features, can be sued in combination with as many Routeique features as your business needs. Find out what else Routeique can do for you by requesting a demo below.

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